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Company Profile

Established in March 2014, Jiangsu SinoRoad Transportation Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: SinoRoadJiaoke) was established in the background of a rapid development of China's transportation science and technology, normalization of reform and innovation, implementation of major development strategies by the state and full encouragement of innovation and entrepreneurship. SinoRoad is a new type of high-tech science and technology enterprise committed to continue to provide systematic and innovative technology solutions for the field of engineering.

Main business of SinoRoad includes engineering technology development, scientific research, consulting, supervision, testing; research and development, production and sales of new engineering materials; road maintenance, construction and comprehensive technical services; road energy development, contract energy management; traffic informatization software system development, environmental testing, etc.

Since its establishment, SinoRoad has focused on the company's development strategy of "Consulting + Industrialization". In view of the pre-planning, design consultancy and technology popularization and application, SinoRoad has made great achievements in the 4 framework directions, which are road and bridge technology, green and safe transportation technology, material research and industrialization, traffic informatization (SinoRoad Sci&Tech, SinoRoad Material, SinoRoad Testing, and SinoRoad Information). SinoRoad has formed into a group of enterprises integrating an industry chain as the core businesses, including strategic planning, consulting, design, scientific research, testing, quality management consulting, research, development, production and application of new materials, new technologies and new product. At present, the business layout of SinoRoad has covered 16 provinces and cities of China, with 2 branches outside the province, 6 holding subsidiaries and 2 share-holding companies.

SinoRoad has always put the building of scientific and technological personnel team and the building of science and technology innovation capabilities at the top priority of the company's development. Through continuous innovation in close integration with the market demand, hundreds of independent intellectual property rights and core technologies have been formed. A series of research platforms of province level have been bulit, such as "Green Road Technology Development and Industrialization Engineering Center", "Nanjing Enterprise Technology Center”, “Nanjing Steel Bridge Pavement Materials and Maintenance Engineering Research Center”, “Nanjing Road Intelligent Construction System Engineering Technology Research Center", and so on.

SinoRoad will take the new technology, new materials, new equipment and new technology as the carrier, introduce the international mainstream technology concepts, and make bold breakthroughs in combination with the domestic engineering features and road conditions. Through independent innovation, a series of materials, technologies and equipments with independent intellectual property rights will be formed, to better serve all engineering actions like construction, conservation, operation and management of highway projects, in order to enhance the comprehensive service quality of highways.

Development History


Core Competence
SinoRoad Sci&Tech
SinoRoad Sci&Tech focuses in the field of transportation infrastructure construction, carries out professional work including R&D, design, testing and supervision, technical consultation and project management of road, bridges and tunnels engineering. Relying on the research and development strength of the SinoRoad Research Institute, fruitful results has been achievedin the 8 major professional and technical directions.
SinoRoad Material
SinoRoad Material is committed to becoming the provider of new type of road materials and systematic solutions in the field of engineering, and has nearly 100 technicians of various origins in R&D, production and management. Currently, 7 series of more than 40 kinds of new materials recipies have been possessed. Several production lines of steel bridge with resin compounds, anti-rutting agents, waterborne epoxy bitumen and special bitumen have been built.
SinoRoad Engineering
SinoRoad Engineering aims at a better service for the highway construction, maintenance, operation and management and increases the R&D as well as the promotion and application of new construction technologies, new equipment, and new technologies. Relying on Special Pavement Subsidary, Engineering Center and Engineering Subsidary with a number of specialized construction management team, SinoRoad has successfully implemented a number of key projects.
SinoRoad Information
In order to implement the national strategy of "Internet +" in the transportation industry, SinoRoad Information has developed a series of information products for the transportation industry, with focus on the construction quality, construction safety and environmental protection, project management, traffic safety, road conservation and management, energy conservation and emission reduction. These products support the construction, management and operation of engineering projects, and make technical personnels to enjoy the convenience of information technology a lot.